If you are interested in Estonian virtual aviation, then you are in the right place.

Estonian Virtual Aviation Association


since 2017

Our goal is to unite and develop Estonian virtual aviation … by sharing years of experience and knowledge. 

EVA was founded to centralize all Estonian virtual aviation enthusiasts to one single platform, to share information, news, files, contacts – for both – advanced users and beginners on every possible flight simulator platform.

Platform and news

Communication is key to everything, but it does not offer much if it is done in tiny groups, specialized for one platform with not to many local users. That’s why we have decided to form a single platform for sharing the information and for chat (Facebook and Discord) under the EVA branding. It does not matter if you are operating with Boeing 737 on an X-Plane in some network, flying with your friends in an F-18 in DCS or enjoying the beautiful scenery with Cessna 172 in Flight Simulator 2020.
Everyone is welcome, to share experiences from different kinds of flying from different simulators.

Consultation and pilot training

Some of our members have years- or even decades of experience on different simulator platforms, some are working in aviation. We have real-world pilots, ATCs and other aviation specialists. It would be a sin to keep all that knowledge only to ourselves.

  • We will find a mentor to make your first steps seamless, we can also recommend hardware and software solutions, tailored for your needs. All in the Estonian language.
  • EVA helps you to find an instructor to start your career in virtual aviation or guide you on your first flights in VATSIM, PilotEdge or other networks. Some of our instructors are pilots in real life, flown thousands of hrs. on a simulator or both.


Flying together in a multiplayer is always more fun than alone. That may be a VFR group flight over the Grand Canyon or even an online event with virtual ATC – arranged in cooperation with VACC Estonia.
Over the years, some of our members have become good friends, we meet in real life too. Be it a small gathering for planespotting or BBQ at someone’s backyard.

Your Airways

since 2008

Have you ever wanted to approach Tallinn airport with realistic ATC, together with another “your/our” company flight, that is piloted by your friend. To park your aircraft and have a brief chat about the interesting flight you had like a real pilot? Maybe even do the next flight to the same destination together?
Your Airways, with over 10 years of history, is longest-running Estonian virtual aviation organization. We operate all over the world with the most realistic aircraft. Feel free to read our full history at our webpage.

virtuaalne Lennufirma

Our main goal is to provide Estonian virtual airline for Estonian virtual pilots, but our network does not start or end in Estonia. We operate all over the world with the best possible add-ons at the given time. Our tailor-made real-life inspired Intranet system is one of the best available, integrated with Simbrief and Navigraph, designed for iPads. If you are looking for a VA that is made and developed by real airline staff, then look no further and join us.

VACC Estonia

since 2005 | 2012

VACC (virtual area control centre) Estonia is established to coordinate and provide virtual air traffic service in Estonian airspace in VATSIM network. The organization is part of a worldwide network and the goal is to provide an authentic ATC service that is based on local procedures and knowledge. Software that we use mimics real-life radar systems as closely as possible. VACC Estonia is managed and developed by some of the real world ATCs. 

The history of VACC Estonia is long. We have arranged many events, like LAN-party like group flights and fly-ins. Last means that we put up ATC positions on a given date in Estonia and a lot of pilots from all over the network fly to-from Tallinn.

VACC Estonia was established in 2005 and reestablished in 2012

Air traffic control

Our primary goal is to provide realistic ATC services in the VATSIM network in Estonian virtual airspace. When the service is online, it is possible to use different simulators to connect to the network and to fly to/from Estonia. You should also file a flight plan, follow real-life procedures use correct radio communication and much more.

ATC training

All VATSIM air traffic controllers are trained. Training syllabus includes theoretical and practical tests, followed by exams. Each exam will give an endorsement to provide ATC services on a specific position (e.g. Tallinn tower or radar position that covers entire Estonia). Your instructor will most probably be real-life ATC.

Simulator experience:

Flight Simulator 2002

Flight Simulator 2004

Flight Simulator X

Flight Simulator (2020)



X-Plane 11


Network experience

International Virtual Aviation Organization



Flight Simulator (2020)



X-Plane 11